Professional Lessons
Individual and group lessons are offered by our Head Pro, Matt Baughan. You can arrange a lesson by contacting Matt or one of our staff members at the Golf Center 607 254-6531.

Cornell Physical Education
Cornell offers a full range of physical education opportunities for students. You can take professional instruction or recreational play either for credit or fun. For more information visit the Physical Education website.

One of the really special things about the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course is the unique opportunity to develop a close relationship with some of the foremost experts in the field of Turfgrass Science. Golf Course Superintendent David Hicks values this expertise and continually strives to establish and maintain collaborative efforts between the Golf Course and our friends on the scientific side of the fence. To help foster these relationships, Dave is a member of the Cornell Turfgrass Team (a diverse group of Researchers and Proffesors who meet monthly to develop programs that will help further the art and science of turfgrass maintenance in New York State and throughout the world). We also encourage researchers to work with us to test out new products and theories on the course. This way, we are on the cutting edge of advancements in turfgrass maintenance, and we get "real world data" to validate our studies.

History and Archives
We've dedicated a part of this website to the history of the golf course - from course records to documentation of the changes of the golf course over time.

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Pro Shop Hours
April: 8 AM to Closing
May-Sept: 7 AM to Closing
October: 8 AM to Closing

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